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Research & Campaigns

As well as giving advice to our clients, Citizens Advice Stevenage collects evidence of practices and policies which are causing problems, conducts research and delivers campaigns in an attempt to resolve problems and improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives. Our knowledge of clients’ problems and circumstances enables us to try to influence change and get a fairer deal for everyone.

Citizens Advice help two million people every year and has a closer understanding of the problems that people experience than any other organisation. Nationally Citizens Advice in undertaking policy research combines these insights with analysis of wider social and economic trends and sets out new ideas to improve policy and delivery for all. Citizens Advice and Citizens Advice Stevenage use this unparalleled evidence from the people we help to try and fix the underlying causes of people’s problems.

Stevenage quarterly statistics
January 1st 2023 - March 31st 2023








We gather the evidence from our interactions with our clients to try to identify exactly how widespread problems are. We examine our data, and we collect evidence from the problems our clients are facing and press for change. Our client base and the stories our clients tell us provide a unique insight into the problems people are facing and with evidence of real issues impacting on people’s lives and we can use that evidence to give people a voice to raise issues with key decision makers and campaign for change.


Our research is analysed to look at where trends or patterns are emerging. We try and assess how local people are being affected and what exactly needs to be done to address the problem.

Our Research work (click on the project to read our reports):


We are currently researching the following projects:


  • Digital Divide, Inclusion and Exclusion in Stevenage

  • Covid and free dental care during and after pregnancy



At Citizens Advice Stevenage, we collect evidence of clients’ problems, and we seek to use our influence and experience to identify and address problems affecting local people. We run awareness raising campaigns to ensure people are informed of their rights and use our research to campaign for changes in policies and services. We also use a range of media outlets to share the work we do and to promote our campaign messages. Campaigning also helps us to many more people who haven’t come to us for information or advice.


On a national level, we work with other Citizens Advice services across the network to campaign on national issues. Below are a few of our campaign efforts:


Ready to get involved?


If you think there is an issue that is affecting local people, and you think we could help, get in touch and tell us about the issue.

We are always taking on new Research & Campaigns volunteers. If you are interested in joining our team head over to our 'Join us' page to read the role pack and fill out an application form. 







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